Draft minutes

Cabinet Working Party - Projects - Wednesday, 19th January, 2022 10.00 am

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Declarations of Interest


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Items of Urgent Business


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Schedule of meetings of the Working Party


The Chairman asked members to consider how frequently the working party should meet. It was agreed that bi-monthly meetings would be the best way of maintaining oversight of the projects coming through. The Democratic Services Manager agreed to look at dates and circulate them to Members.


Review of the Terms of Reference


The Democratic Services Manager informed the Working Party that the terms of reference had been reviewed by the Council’s Internal Auditor and it was suggested that they were revised to be consistent with the style and layout of other committees, sub-committees and working parties. The previous version and the updated version were provided for comparison.


Cllr V Gay sought clarification on the publication of the minutes of the working party. The Democratic Services Manager replied that the minutes were reported through to Cabinet and also published on the website.


It was proposed by Cllr S Butikofer, seconded by Cllr R Kershaw and




To approve the revised terms of reference for the Cabinet Working Party for Projects


Large Projects - reports and updates


The Chairman invited Portfolio Holders to introduce the projects in turn:


1.    North Walsham Heritage Action Zone


Cllr R Kershaw, Portfolio Holder for Sustainable Growth, began by saying that the project had progressed since the last meeting. The Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) was now out to consultation and details and data were provided on the ‘social pinpoint’ site for North Walsham. He commended the Assistant Director for Sustainable Growth and the Economic Growth Manager for working with Historic England and the New Anglia LEP regarding increased flexibility for the grants which had been tied to very tight timescales previously.


The Assistant Director for Sustainable Growth said that the TRO wasn’t yet out for consultation but it had been drafted. Cllr Kershaw said that the Police were supportive of the proposed changes and it seemed to address most of the concerns of the residents of North Walsham, so he was hopeful that the consultation would receive positive responses. Cllr Kershaw said that he would like to start the communications programme regarding the work that was being done. He added that he was very pleased with the placemaking scheme and he felt that this would be received positively by residents.


The Assistant Director for Sustainable Growth said that the project was moving from the design and development stage to the implementation stage and several critical actions were being undertaken within the next few weeks. Work would start on the placemaking scheme on the ground within the next month. He said there had been some local ‘lobbying’ regarding the retention of the GoGo Hare in its current location. This could potentially lead to some remodelling to incorporate it in situ and reconsideration of the design for Black Swan Loke.. He then spoke about New Road car park, which was progressing well and work on Cedar House was due to start soon.


The Project Manager for North Walsham Heritage Action Zone reiterated the previous comments and said that the project was moving into the implementation stage. It was anticipated that contractors for Cedar House would be appointed shortly. Regarding the Building Improvement Grant (BIG) she said that a lot of expressions of interest had been received and these were now being prioritised.


The Assistant Director for Sustainable Growth said that the team would continue to keep a close eye on any additional funding that may be forthcoming.


The Chairman said that she would like to see a clear set of criteria in place, outlining why one project was selected over another to avoid any challenge in the future.


The Chief Executive referred members to the summary outlining the significant work that had been undertaken on this project to date. In terms of risks, he said that they were currently around issues of supply and the awarding of contracts. He said that it might be possible to go back to Historic England regarding further funding to support the Building Improvement Grant scheme.


The Chief Executive then said that he had recently visited North Walsham with  ...  view the full minutes text for item 13.


Project information - short demonstration and overview


The Programme and Project Manager (KR) gave members a brief presentation on the new Corporate Delivery Unit’s ‘project directory’ page on the intranet. She explained that the projects were categorised into small, medium and large and more detail could be found by clicking on the icons. All members could access this information via their council devices.  There was also an archive of completed projects.


Medium Projects - exceptions


There were no exceptions to report for medium projects at this time.