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Development Committee

This page lists the meetings for Development Committee.


Information about Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for deciding planning and listed building applications, and matters relating to tree, hedgerow and conservation. A total of 14 Councillors sit on the Development Committee.


Public Speaking: If you wish to speak on applications you must register by 9 am on the Tuesday before the meeting by telephoning Customer Services on 01263 516150 or by emailing   


Please read the information on the procedure for public speaking at Development Committee


The meetings are live-streamed on the Council’s e-democracy YouTube channel:


Anyone may take photographs, film or audio-record the proceedings and report on the meeting. You must inform the Chairman if you wish to do so and must not disrupt the meeting. If you are a member of the public and you wish to speak, please be aware that you may be filmed or photographed.



Presentations:  If you wish to view the Officers’ presentations for the applications being considered by the Committee, please go to the Library (on the side bar of this page) and then ‘presentations’.