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Planning Policy & Built Heritage Working Party

This page lists the meetings for Planning Policy & Built Heritage Working Party.


Information about Planning Policy & Built Heritage Working Party

The meeting of the Working Party held on 16th January was adjourned due to an IT outage after the meeting had commenced, causing the live-stream to be cut. The meeting will re-convene on Monday 30th January at 10am.


The Planning Policy and Built Heritage Working Party is made up of twelve councillors. It makes recommendations to Cabinet on matters of planning policy and built heritage.


As the Working Party can only make recommendations to Cabinet we will continue to hold these meetings remotely by video conference at the present time.  If you wish to ask a question or speak on an agenda item please notify Democratic Services by 5pm on the Thursday before the meeting and provide a copy of your question or statement.  An email invitation will be sent to you to enable you to present your question or statement at the meeting.  Questions or statements must not exceed three minutes. Email:


Meetings will be live-streamed for public viewing on the Council’s e-democracy YouTube channel