Agenda item

Recommendations from Cabinet 29th June 2023

At the meeting on 29th June, Cabinet made the following recommendations to Full Council:


Agenda Item 8: Corporate Plan 2023 – 2027




That Full Council adopts the Corporate Plan 2023 - 2027


Agenda Item 9: 2022/2023 Outturn Report




That Full Council approves:


a)   The provisional outturn position for the General Fund revenue account for 2022/23;

b)    The transfers to and from reserves as detailed within the report (and appendix C) along with the corresponding updates to the 2023/24budget;

c)   The deficit of £0.261m relating to service overspends be funded from the GeneralReserve;

d)      The deficit of £0.561m relating to retained business rates be funded from the Business RatesReserve;

e)    The financing of the 2022/23 capital programme as detailed within the report   and at Appendix D.

f)      The balance on the General Reserve of£2.649m;

g)    The updated capital programme for 2023/24 to 2025/26 and scheme financing as outlined withinthe report and detailed at Appendix E

h)    The roll-forward requests as outlined in Appendix F

i)      The transfer of £0.5m from the Delivery Plan Reserve to a new reserve – ‘Net Zero Initiatives’ set up specifically to fund projects, initiatives and works to achieve Net Zero.

j)      The provision of a Temporary Accommodation capital budget for 2024/25 and 2025/26 of £0.25m per year be moved into 2023/24 giving a total budget of £0.75m in 2023/24 and that this be funded by temporary borrowing until it can be replaced by preserved right to buy capital receipts.


Agenda Item 10 - Treasury Management Annual Report 2022 - 2023




That the Treasury Management Annual Report for 2022 – 2023 be approved.


Overview & Scrutiny Committee considered the above recommendations at the meeting scheduled for 12th July. As this meeting was held after the Full Council agenda was published, the Chairman of the Committee will provide a verbal update to Full Council.



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