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Executive Summary

This report and accompanying appendices present the discussions of the Annual Action Plan Member Workshop events staged in recent weeks to explore possible actions and outcomes for development and delivery in support of the five themes in the adopted Corporate Plan 2023-2027.


The Overview and Scrutiny Committee is invited to comment upon the discussions and proposed actions and project proposals and as appropriate make comment / recommendations to the Cabinet which will seek to agree priorities for the 2024/25 Annual Action Plan in the coming weeks and for such proposals to be allocated resources through the 2024/25 budget process.

Options considered


This is an item for pre-scrutiny comment by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee so provides an opportunity for the Committee to discuss possible options and priorities for the Council in taking forward projects and actions in support of the five agreed Corporate Plan themes.


The recent workshops involving elected members and officers have been an inclusive and consultative process the outcomes from which should inform future priority actions and work programming by the Cabinet for delivery in the 2024/25 civic year, aligned with the 2024/25 budget preparation and revised Medium-Term Financial Strategy.




The Overview and Scrutiny Committee is invited to comment upon the outcomes of the recent workshops staged to discuss issues and actions under each of the five themes of the recently agreed 2023-2027 Corporate Plan and to provide comment / make recommendations to Cabinet which has responsibility for agreeing priority actions or projects for inclusion in the Annual Action Plan for 2024/25.

Reasons for



Sound management of the authority’s staff, property and financial resources to deliver projects and initiatives which support improved service delivery and positive outcomes aligned to the previously agreed Corporate Plan themes. 

Background papers


2023 – 2027 Corporate Plan

Notes from the recent themed workshop events attached as appendices to this report


Wards affected


Cabinet member(s)

Cllr Tim Adams, Leader of the Council

Contact Officer

Steve Blatch, Chief Executive Tel:- 01263 516232


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Corporate Plan:          

This report invites comment from the Overview and Scrutiny Committee as to the range of issues it would wish to see taken forward in support of the five Corporate Plan themes in the twelve months April 2024 – March 2025.

Medium Term Financial

Strategy (MTFS)


Proposed actions, projects or initiatives will need to give due consideration to the Council’s financial position as detailed in finance reports and a revised Medium-Term Financial Strategy and have the necessary resources allocated to them or efficiency savings identified through the preparation of the 2024/25 budget.

Council Policies & Strategies 

See comment under Corporate Plan heading above


Corporate Governance:

Is this a key decision 

No – consultative process inviting the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to comment on possible programme of work for 2024/25 – any related decision to be taken rests with the Cabinet 

Has the public interest test been applied

Yes – Information contained in the appendices of this report involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in paragraphs 1,2 and 3, Part 1 of schedule 12A (as amended) to the Local Government Act 1972.

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