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This report details the actions taken by North Norfolk District Council in the current phase of the Coronavirus Pandemic at a strategic, local and organisational level over the period September - November 2020.


This includes:-


·        monitoring and responding to local cases of COVID in the District, whilst continuing to support large numbers of visitors to the District during September and October, whilst local rates of infection / transmission remained low through maintaining our “You are Welcome” reassurance programme.

·        maintaining social distancing measures and hand washing facilities so as to create and maintain safe, attractive town centre and seafront environments and working with our cleansing contract partner, SERCO, to maintain high frequency of toilet cleansing, beach and foreshore cleansing

·        regular “fogging” of “high-touch” surfaces within the District Council’s public conveniences, playgrounds, car park machines, foreshore shelters and on Cromer Pier to reduce the potential transmission of Coronavirus

·        high frequency cleaning and regular fogging of the Council’s offices at Cromer and Fakenham to operate a “safe” working environment for District Council and DWP staff

·        Securing £330,000 through the Norfolk Tourism Sector Support Programme to support increased cleansing of key tourist areas in the District; development, promotion and appraisal of applications for a North Norfolk tourism adaptation grant scheme to promote investment which diversifies / extend the visitor season and promotion of the District to key markets throughout 2021.

·        Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 31st October that there would be an all-England lockdown for the period 5th November – 2nd December to suppress rapidly rising rates of infection, the Council has stepped up its community support arrangements for vulnerable people and put in place arrangements to administer a further £5.2 million of Local Restriction Support Grants to local businesses which have had to cease trading during the lockdown

·        continued to work with a range of partners to provide housing advice and support to people facing housing difficulties and is currently accommodating 48 households in temporary accommodation pending securing permanent accommodation

·        administering Test and Trace payments on behalf of the Government for people on low incomes who are required to self-isolate because of a positive COVID test or through close contact with a person with a positive test result

·        continued to support twice weekly mobile testing facilities on Council car parks in Cromer and Fakenham

·        continued to participate in regular meetings of the Norfolk Health Protection Board and Norfolk Health Engagement Board arrangements which are monitoring, reviewing and responding to local outbreaks of Coronavirus in the county and by working with partners in Winter Preparedness arrangements – including discussions around mass testing and vaccination programmes in the months ahead.


The report details the Council’s actions in the current phase of the Coronavirus pandemic during the period September – December 2020.  Actions taken are outlined in the report.






The report details the actions taken by the District Council during the period September - December in the current phase of the Coronavirus Pandemic, including supporting our local communities and businesses during the second all-England lockdown and working with partners to prepare plans for mass testing and vaccination programmes in early 2021.












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Cabinet is asked to note and comment upon the Council’s actions during the period September - December in supporting communities and businesses across North Norfolk during the current phase of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the second period of national lockdown; and in preparing for mass vaccination programmes in the first quarter of 2021.


To inform corporate learning from experience gained through the earlier phases of the pandemic, and preparedness to respond to local incidences of COVID in the next few months, as well as preparations to support the local delivery of mass vaccination programmes during the firstquarter of 2021.





Cabinet Member(s)

Cllr Sarah Butikofer,

Leader of the Council


Ward(s) affected


Contact Officer, telephone number and email:

Steve Blatch, Chief Executive


Tel:- 01263 516232



The CE introduced the report and informed Members that it covered the period from September to the end of November. He referred to point 1.3 on the number of cases in the District, and noted that there was a delay in receiving this data, which meant that the actual number of cases published by the Government for North Norfolk were 62 per 100k, which was slightly down on previous weeks after a single outbreak in a care home. It was noted that between 60 and 70 cases per 100k placed the District at the upper end of its infection up rate prior to October, though the District remained in an advantageous position relative to national rates, and below the County average.


The CE referred paragraph 2.2 on the ‘You Are Welcome’ campaign, and noted that the Council continued to promote and support local shopping in the run up to Christmas, which included the provision of six Covid support officers in towns to provide help and advice. It was reported that the cost of these support officers had been met by the containment management fund, provided by Central Government. The CE reported that the Council had also received £5.2m of local restrictions support grants, and the Council had paid out over £4m of this through 2781 payments to 75% of eligible businesses. He added that Government guidance had been increased to include a wet-led pub scheme and an additional restrictions scheme that would be launched in January.


The CE reported that support continued for rough sleepers, in addition to support payments for those having to self-isolate that were either on benefits or unable to work. Finally, it was noted that officers were continuing to work with health services and strategic partners to begin the delivery of vaccines, with a mass roll-out anticipated in the new year.


Questions and Discussion


   i.          It was confirmed following a question from Cllr G Mancini-Boyle, that homeless individuals were tested for Covid-19 prior to being given shelter, and that officers were also provided with the required PPE.


  ii.          Cllr N Housden asked whether Council’s had in any way worked together or developed a mechanism to pressure Government to limit visitors from higher tier areas, to which the CE replied that the issue had been raised with strategic partners. Cllr S Butikofer stated that she shared concerns on this matter, and had raised this issue with partners and continued to lobby Government on the matter. It was noted that policing remained the issue, as it was not possible to prevent all visitors from higher tier areas. Cllr S Butikofer added that she hoped that fogging machines deployed by the Council in high touch areas, had also helped to keep infection rates relatively low in the District.


iii.          Cllr G Mancini-Boyle referred to mobile testing sites, and asked whether this would be increased as a result of the rise in infections. Cllr S Butikofer stated that she would welcome increased testing, though at present infection rates remained relatively low in the District, and as a result testing would remain focused in areas of higher infection. She added that if the need were to arise, then she would push for increased testing, and stated that testing would continue over the Christmas period. Cllr L Withington stated that the Cromer testing facility was easily accessible and available three days per week.




To note the report.

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