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Managing Performance Quarter 1 2022/23













Options considered:

The revised Managing Performance Report attached, as Appendix A, enables the Council to assess delivery against objectives detailed in the Corporate Plan Delivery Plan 2019-2023 and operational service performance. It gives an overview of progress towards achieving the objectives in the Corporate Plan, assesses the achievements and issues identified in the first quarter of 2022/23, and the actions being taken to address these issues and proposes any further action needed.


Options considering action regarding performance are presented separately, issue by issue, to the appropriate Council Committee where committee approval is required.




Good progress has been made over the first quarter of 2022/23 in areas of core service delivery and in respect of key Corporate Plan projects and objectives as detailed in the report.


This has been achieved despite additional unanticipated demands being placed on the authority with respect to directing resources in the People’s Services teams to support the Council’s response to the Ukrainian crisis and the payment of the £150 Energy Rebate scheme administered by the Revenues and IT teams.











Reasons for



That Cabinet resolves to note this report and endorses the actions being taken by Corporate Leadership Team detailed in Appendix A – Managing Performance.


That Cabinet asks for further information or action where they consider it necessary regarding performance as outlined in Appendix A.


To ensure the objectives of the Council are achieved.


(Papers relied on to write the report, which do not contain exempt information and which are not published elsewhere)



Cabinet Member(s)

Cllr Tim Adams

Ward(s) affected



Contact Officer, telephone number and email: Steve Blatch, Chief Executive


Tel:- 01263 516232



Cllr T Adams – Council Leader introduced the report and informed Members that eighty households had been housed during the period covered by the report. He added that in terms of business growth and sustainability, two levelling-up bids had been submitted with outcomes expected in October, alongside continued progress with the HAZ project. On customer focus, it was reported that drop-in advice sessions for Ukrainian refugees had been very successful, whilst the Outlook magazine had also been successfully relaunched. For climate, coast and environment it was noted that whilst the physical Greenbuild event had to be cancelled due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, online events had been well attended. It was noted that tree planting season would soon begin, and the Coastal Team had been working hard on the Cromer and Mundesley schemes. Cllr T Adams reported that on quality of life the District’s Blue Flag beach awards had been retained, and it was hoped that there would be more beaches added in the future. He added that investment continued into the most comprehensive public toilet provision in the County.


Questions and Discussion


       i.          Cllr C Cushing referred to affordable homes and asked how many would be delivered in the current year. Cllr W Fredericks replied that the impact of nutrient neutrality had been significant and would affect more schemes than just those planned in Fakenham and Stalham. She added that the price of land had been pushed up in areas that were not effected by the regulations, alongside increases in material costs, labour shortages and decreases in the value of the pound, that all made it harder to deliver affordable housing. It was noted that as a result of these issues, only thirty were expected to be delivered in 2022-23, which was significantly less than planned but beyond the Council’s control.


      ii.          Cllr V Holliday referred to customer focus performance and noted that the RAG status was 30% amber, with the number of calls answered at 81%, whilst the size of the Customer Service Team was at its highest of 14.74 FTE, calls resolved were at 87% and online contacts was at the lowest ever figure of 125. She added that this was a better indication of service performance than the reported number of compliments received. Cllr T Adams replied that a cross section of different strands of performance was required, and noted that pressure had increased as a result of Council Tax call handling. Cllr V Holliday suggested that a drill-down would be valuable to help improve this service. The CE stated that he would be happy to look into the issue, though calls were expected to reduce during August and September, with peak call numbers expected in March and April. He added that trend analysis would be helpful to understand if there were any underlying issues causing changes.


     iii.          Cllr N Housden referred to the number of planning applications processed and asked if it was possible to see the number of decisions that had been delegated, as this helped to streamline the service. The DFPCC replied that approximately 93% of decisions were made under delegated authority and he would be happy to determine the full number, if required.




1.     To note this report and endorses the actions being taken by Corporate Leadership Team detailed in Appendix A – Managing Performance.


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