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  1. The SPO introduced the Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) outlined in the Agenda Pack, and noted that the full extensive document was still at the draft stage. The contents of the IDP were based on the Local Plan and would seek to benefit and promote the aspirations of the Local Plan. Critical, essential and desirable elements were set out on p.16 of the report. Other considerations included electric vehicle charging points, costs and the provision of flood lighting, GI/RAMS, amongst others. He reiterated that this was a live document at the draft stage.


  1. Cllr P Heinrich was pleased that the North Walsham Link was included within the IDP, something he considered to be critical for the town and area. He enquired if the whole road was to be encompassed.


  1. The SPO affirmed that the North Walsham Link was considered critical to the plan.


  1. Cllr N Dixon expressed his disappointment that the full draft document had not been provided to Members prior to meeting nor was it available at the meeting by consequence of unforeseen technical issues. He affirmed that he was very interested to see the IDP, and considered its significant importance to the delivery of the Local Plan. He commented on his frustration that the Working Group had not had sight of its progress for some time, and it was especially critical Members review the document at this late stage of the process so close to submission.


  1. The SPO advised that the was draft document was not at a stage in which Officers felt comfortable to share publicly, noting that discussions were taking place in a public meeting which was being livestreamed. 


  1. Cllr N Dixon stated that it was essential that a tangible document be provided to Members so that they may determine where the IDP sits alongside the Local Plan. He reiterated that this was late in the process and that it was a key weakness in the past that the appropriate infrastructure had not been provided at the appropriate time. Cllr N Dixon reiterated his disappointment and stated that he would draw confidence if he were able to fully consider the document.


  1. Cllr L Withington noted that a briefing had been held the week prior for the Coastal Transition Accelerator Programme (CTAP) regarding the issue of coastal erosion and asked if the IDP considered this matter.


  1. The PPM advised that the IDP related to the infrastructure required to support the Local Plan and not broader concerns. He affirmed that he did not expect Members to agree to recommend the IDP at this stage, advising that this was an introductory item which was for information only. The PPM stated that there was a need for further debate on this matter at future meetings once Members were in possession of the full set of papers.


  1. The Chairman requested that such information be provided before 2023, noting that the Local Plan had been going on for a number of years.


  1. Cllr N Dixon asked if an early draft may be provided before its inclusion on the agenda.


  1. The DSO advised that information could be shared on the screen following a few minutes recess. Members considered that they required IDP information in advance of the meeting, and not simply at the meeting, so that they may have time to fully consider.


  1. Cllr J Punchard noted S.2.2 (telecommunication) within the Officer’s report which he considered to be critical to housing delivery, but commented that he could not see further references to it within the document with regards to the delivery schedule.


  1. The PPM reiterated the need for this item to be brought back before Members once they had been afforded time to consider the IDP documents.


  1. Cllr N Pearce supported comments raised by Cllr N Dixon and expressed the need for infrastructure to support the delivery and viability of housing within the district.  He agreed that detailed information was required for Members to make an assessment.


  1. Cllr P Heinrich acknowledged the importance of broadband connectivity and transportation issues needed to be addressed in the IDP, reflecting on the situation in North Walsham.


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