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Walcott - PF/22/0738 - Use of agricultural land as a seasonal car park from June to October (inclusive) each year for Mr and Mrs H Barringer. Walcott Beach Car Park, Coast Road, Walcott.


The SPO introduced the Officers Report and recommendation for approval subject to conditions. He advised of a slight amendment to the wording of the proposal for the seasonal car park to start operation from May, and not June as detailed.


The SPO took Members through aerial images of the site, site plans including entrance and egress routes, flood risk maps, and photographs of the area. He advised that the site was estimated to provide 138 spaces as agreed with NCC Highways. Whilst the site was located within a flood zone, Officers had worked with the Environment Agency who were satisfied that there would be no significant risk to life by consequence of the proposal.


The SPO reiterated the highways conditions stipulated in the recommendation and assured Members that if they were minded to grant permission, all conditions must be satisfied before the applicant would be able to commence operation in 2023.


Public Speakers:

Rebecca Barringer – Supporting 


  1. The Chairman expressed her disappointment that the Local Member, who had called the item to Committee, was absent and had failed to submit a written statement in his absence. She reminded Members of the expectation to attend or submit a written representation for applications they refer to Committee.


  1. Cllr R Kershaw commented that he was familiar with the site located on a busy part of the coast and of the challenges surrounding on street parking. He stated he was surprised that this item had been called to Committee, as he considered the proposal to be sensible, remedying an existing problem, and it had the support of the local village. Cllr R Kershaw proposed acceptance of the Officers recommendation for approval subject to the outlined conditions.


  1. Cllr P Heinrich seconded the proposal and stated that it was a desperately needed facility in Walcott, in an acceptable location, well designed and well managed.


  1. Cllr L Withington spoke in support of the application, and acknowledged the community support it had received. She recounted her experiences at Walcott helping eldering relatives in and out the car during busy periods, and affirmed that this was a much needed facility which would benefit the local economy.


  1. Cllr V Holliday noted the positive aspects of the proposal but considered that as the Council was working towards being carbon-neutral, the number of car journeys to the coast should be discouraged. Instead the Council should consider operation of a park and ride facility into Walcott as the long-term vision was for fewer car movements and not more.


  1. Cllr N Pearce noted that car parks often sparked controversy, but agreed with Members that there was a need for a carpark in Walcott.


  1. Cllr A Brown expressed his support for the scheme which he considered to benefit the community, and concurred with Members experiences of the chaos along that section of road during the high season. He asked if Highways were considering a review of parking restrictions on the road, particularly opposite the proposed entry and exit points.


  1. Cllr G Mancini-Boyle asked if electric charging points had been considered and noted the remote location of the site may present challenges for such infrastructure.


  1. The Chairman stated that the only sensible location for an electric charging point would be by the post office shop, and that as the proposed site was an open field which would only operate during the summer months, it was not an appropriate location for charging points.




That Planning Application PF/22/0738 be APPROVED subject to conditions outlined in the Officers report, and an amendment to the start date from June to May, and any others considered necessary by the Assist Director for Planning. Final wording of conditions to be delegated to the Assistant Director for Planning.


Supporting documents: